ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server
Important: Before the installation we recommend you uninstall all other security solutions, including older versions of ESET. Click here to learn more.


Other versions


Version 4.5.10019.0

  • Added: Error reporting to event log from the agent installation / maintenance library
  • Changed: New antispam engine Mailshell, 6.5.16
  • Fixed: Issue with resident protection causing blue screen error (BSOD) under specific preconditions
  • Fixed: Issue with ekrn.exe crashing after entering non-existent or empty file into “custom rules list” section of AS protection settings
  • Fixed: Error with Server protection being non-functional shortly after installation on Exchange 2013
  • Fixed: Issue with non-complete information being reported about errors from transport agent
  • Fixed: Several localization issues

New version 4.5.10015.0

  • Added: New eShell 1.1 features – script signing, go to root context command
  • Added: Actualized and fixed Help
  • Added: New rules for real file type detection (*.dwg,*.dxf, *dwf, *.dwfx), Office / Visio DRM protected files and Corel DRAW files
  • Added: Support for WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) monitoring
  • Changed: It is now possible to quarantine internal messages
  • Changed: Wording for some antispam settings in GUI
  • Changed: New version of antispam engine integrated also for “client email protection”
  • Changed: Increased limit for the maximum processing time of message in the antispam core and shortened time limit for automatic antispam rules update (improved detection)
  • Fixed: Processing of internal messages with additional enabled antispam protection
  • Fixed: Error with incorrectly applied exclusions for units connected to directory via “mounted volumes”
  • Fixed: Error with not cleaning files on Exchange 2013 if SCL header, subject and body notifications are disabled
  • Fixed: Corrected behavior of “write SCL level after infiltration is found” check box
  • Fixed: Error with generating duplicate exclusions (user-created exclusions were not taken into account when adding automatic exclusions)
  • Fixed: Problem with disabling automatic exclusions after Group Policy application
  • Fixed: Issue with detecting Exchange health mailbox status messages and marking them as SPAM
  • Fixed: Error with forwarding to quarantine messages with empty sender
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